From the recording Sometime In New York City Vol 1

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Produced by IBE, Written By D.Asemota & R. Manigault, Recorded at IBE's Spot New York, NY


Built to win Featuring Premise

Hook part 1 (Ciph) I stand where I stand
I goes hard for the kill
You already know that it’s embodied in my skin
Watch me get it; how I live it this life is full of sin
I will stand...oh yea I’m Built to win
Hook part 2: (Premise) damn right! I’m a talk loud, walk proud,
It’s now… time to walk as a giant through this harsh crowd
Shit I’m a get it…you know by any means u just gotta know
That I’m built to win!

Verse 1 (Ciph): Ayo this the new anthem/get ya damn hands up!!/been built up from poverty/bobbing animosity/searching for my lock and key/you got another thing coming homeboy if you thinking you the boss of me/talking so reckless with my fitted on/ray bans sitting on my grill/couldn’t care how u feel/even if I wanted too/you’ll never faze me/I’m thinking out the box/fuck your mental minded cages/Ciph Gotta blue print here to make a few cents more/while I ignore/what my employer says to me/open up says a me/ a change gon come/I’m the Sam Cooke of the brook/nigga walk with me/ don’t even talk to me/unless you grinding/striving to get to all the places I’ve been/so you riding? Come on climb in/straight to the mountaintop/aint no telling when I’ll stop/

Hook 2x
Verse 2 (Premise): I’m Like Wall Street/Michael Douglas and Charlie sheen/just like em/I’m all about the green/people laughed at me/said I wouldn’t be shit/ha ha premise you will never be rich/type of words to make a nigga hungrier/stopped looking fly and I started dressing bummier/ throw em off/they don’t know about the dough yet/type of cash to make high class hoes wet/he’s just a door man/yes sir yes ma’am/who gives a damn/I am what I am/never front for another human being/that’s me/do you!/do whatever makes you happy/just had a long day and I came a long way/from trying to avoid my boss in the hallway/things are better now/that’s why u see me with a grin/ and don’t forget about this/I’ve been built to win/
Hook 2x