From the recording Sometime In New York City Vol 1

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Produced by David E Beats, Written By Dashaun "Ciph Boogie" Asemota, Vocal hook Performed by Phil Geston Recorded at Boogie Life Studios Bronx,NY


Never Waste Your Time Lyrics
Verse 1: Bright lights city life/you know the kid is here any day any night/I got my appetite/listen its a hunger for more/I
got my plate here/Homie I got hits galore/listen stay clear/the proof is in the pudding/the product that I'm pushing/is
worth more/a n*gga raised up dirt poor/so raw/with my thoughts/ got my face to the floor/rugged to the core/to intense
to ignore/not your average city boy/i'm a Grinder/from the sun up/the sun down/isn't this fun now/im such a vibrant vivrant
thing/my environment king/be the reason I sing these lyrics to the masses/digging in they stashes/reaching for the
stars, moon cars, with my rapping/working till my bones break/let's party its my born day/blow the whole roof off/what
the f*ck they gonna say/
Hook 2x: Look at where I'm going/don't stop my shine.. I'll never waste your time
look at where I've been..this is the sign
I'll Never waste your time
Verse 2: I came through the door/I said it before/Never will I let nobody stop me no more/I be the law/Respect my
authority/I'm reaching for a Higher rung while dealing with hypocrisy/this is prophecy/a worldwide Monopoly/constantly
building the tracks to my property/who gonna rock with me?/not a compton city G/but I'll take the Liberty to make a brand
new friend enemy/who u tend to be?/a gangsta? Wanksta?/im the new Cornell west homie thank you!/New York City be
my attitude/that will move a N*gga out his blue suede shoes/Lord help me/ this aint healthy/the way my drive is/Timeless
music is object/aww man/in it for the long haul/always gonna be on call/wanna make ya head bop/and I mean all y'all/
Hook 2x
Verse 3: so ill/for real without no deal/give cold chills/when I spill/feel the burn?/feel the urge/as I splurge to this musical/
i am drunk with passion/and its beautiful/this my duty calling/feel my movement starting/art of war/sun tzu/in the booth
recording/steady shining/no matter the climate/ just want my chance to grow/get the world open yo/feel my flow coast to
coast/im very focused fam/my words are great to have/just like a 100 Grand/my hustle game is imminent/damn near
evident/i plan to control the land/like I'm the president/everything is rosey/a million dollar flow kid/look what I got to fix/
this shit is broken/all of this is protocol/
And the only thing that I'm showing y'all/
You want it all/be it all/im going hard/for the stars
Hook 2x